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Coming soon - Ballistic  Targets - Silhouette and Square.  

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We are now offering military 9mm Luger, 5.56x45mm7.62x51mm AND 40S&W cases - Deprimed, Military Crimp Reamed, Ultrasonically Cleaned, and Vibratory Polished

You no longer have to be worry about ringers being left in the primer pockets,

when buying our military grade 9mm, 5.56 or 7.62.

When depriming and reaming out the military crimp, our machines reject cases that have ringers in the primer pocket.


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Welcome to Brass Reload, your home for superior quality once fired reloading military brass. If you’re a gun owner, reloading enthusiast and supporter of the Second Amendment then you've come to the right place! Brass Reload is dedicated to providing our customers with superb once fired brass, the fastest shipping possible and the most reliable quality in the industry. We specialize in supplying both commercial reloaders and the recreational reloading community with high quality once fired brass. All of our once fired brass is purchased in bulk directly from the American Military and is of dependable quality. 

Brass Reload offers once fired military brass in the following calibers 9mm Luger brass, 5.56x45mm NATO brass/5.56,7.62x51mm NATO brass/308 and .50BMG brass for sale online. Our high quality once fired military brass is sold as mixed headstamps (predominantly LC or WCC) and is offered in various degrees of cleanliness and readiness, including as-is (once fired/dirty), tumbled cleaned, reamed and Utrasonic Cleaned and polished. 

Brass Reload is now offering some commercial once fired brass in the following calibers .300 WinMag,  .40 cal, and .357 Sig.

Brass Reload also sells a wide variety of ammo containers, including 200 round 7.62x51mm NATO cans, 800 round 5.56x45mm NATO cans, 100 round .50BMG cans, 40mm grenade round cans, and 120MM mortar cans. All of our ammo cans feature lever-lock lids and flat-folding steel handles.  

Whether you're shopping once fired brass for personal defense reasons, hunting season or sporting purposes, come to Brass Reload for the best once fired brass in the market, unbeatable prices and the greatest commitment to customer service in the industry. Please browse our wide selection of once fired brass available for sale online.


Rifle Brass: 7.62/308, 5.56/.223, 50BMG, and 300 WinMag.

Pistol Brass: 9mm, 40 Cal, and 357 SIG!!!!!! 


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  • We do our best to keep prices updated daily
  • Credit cards charges will be authorized day of purchase only
  • Once fired military brass
  • No international orders
  • Cannot ship to Massachussetts
  • Once fired brass is a reloading component
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